Friday, September 01, 2006

The Backstory
Hard Barney has it's roots in several different rock bands that graced eastern Iowa stages back in the 80's.

Guitarist Leo Leinen, fresh off stints with several local acts started 'The Noyz Boyz' with bassist Brent Coffman back in the mid 80's.  This band morphed into 'One Bullit Barney' later in the 80’s.  'One Bullit Barney' played extensively throughout eastern Iowa in the mid 80's, barnstorming thru the area, drawing a substantial following.  The group disbanded in the 1987.   
Bassist Coffman then helped form the country/rock ensemble 'Hard Driven' in the late 80's and into 1990 with Keota native John Watson on drums, and South English's Matt Brower on guitars. This band performed for several years until 'Hard Driven' approached Leinen about joining the band.   As a result, the band started returning more to its classic rock roots.

In the early 90's, Coffman's brother, Bradley, joined 'Hard Barney' on keyboards, bringing a new layer to the bands classic rock setup, further expanding the band’s sound both vocally and instrumentally.

In 2014, Hard Barney added multi-instrumentalist Mike Tebockhorst who plays sax, guitar, bass, and accordion, just to name a few, and keyboardist doctor Craig McClenahan further expanding the bands versatility, while adding several more genres to their repertoire. 

Mike Tebockhorst, Guitar, Sax, Vocals
Craig McClenehan, Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals
Tanner McClenehan, Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
John Watson, Drums and Vocals
Matt Brower, Guitar and Vocals
Brent Coffman, Bass, Guitar, and Vocals
Leo Leinen, Guitar and Vocals
Bradley Coffman, Keyboards, Percussion, and Vocals

About the Band
Mike Tebockhorst has been in too many local and regional acts to mention and plays out regularly in several different bands that span a multitude of genre’s.  His sax playing adds another dash of spice to Hard Barney.   He plays bass, and guitar during the shows, as well as singing lead on several songs.  Mike is our resident country picker, and knows his way around the Telecaster.
Craig McClenehan is the former band director at Mid-Prairie and Sigourney High Schools, and is the current director of the Washington Middle School band.  Craig has performed professionally in a multitude of local acts.  A multi-instrumentalist, Craig is a brilliant musician in his own right and we’re proud of him for inspiring today’s youth to pursue music.  Craig also sings lead and backing vocals.

Drummer John Watson is also the alum of many local and regional eastern Iowa bands. 
His tasteful ability to find the pocket and drive the rhythm section is the backbone of the Hard Barney sound.  His less is more approach, punctuated with flurries of timely fills marks him as one of the areas outstanding drummers.

Guitarist Matt Brower is pure Fender on Fender goodness.  His searing guitar licks and unique pick-less finger playing style have marked him as one of the area’s premier blues based Strat players.   Matt sings lead and backing vocals and is a huge part of the HB sound.  Matt also performs in an acoustic duo, Double Dose. 

Bassist Brent Coffman supplies the drive in the rhythm section and sings lead on many favorite Hard Barney songs.  Marking his 30-something-ish year playing live music, Brent’s polished voice is a hallmark of HB.

Guitarist Leo Leinen is the bands resident Les Paul playing rock and roll guy, and CEO.  Leinen’s guitar playing evokes the styles of the classic 70’s guitarists while adding his unique touch.   Leo also sings lead and backing vocals.  Behind the scenes Leo is involved with several recording project in his studio.

Bradley Coffman has one of those adaptable voices that covers a wide variety of styles to perfection.  Adding another layer to the Hard Barney sound, he and his keyboard are capable of delivering a smooth ballad as well. 

Craig’s son, Tanner McClenehan, is Hard Barney’s featured performer, and a talented solo artist in his own right.  Tanner has a radio-friendly voice, and can really deliver a song.  Tanner puts a unique spin on the tunes he covers and he has many original compositions that are waiting to be hits.  Tanner can be seen all over YouTube and SoundCloud.

The Name????
OK. So how'd we get the name (and no, it has nothing to do with a purple dinosaur?
Well, you did it. Or at least some of you did. In the early 90's, the band ‘Hard Driven’ started using its current name in response to fans' requests, as many had followed the Coffman/Leinen partnership half a decade earlier in 'One Bullit Barney', that name paying homage to the great Don Knotts character on the ‘Andy Griffith Show’, Barney Fife.  Giving in to popular demand, the band was forced to rechristen itself 'Hard Barney', after posters promoting their shows were defaced with the hybrid name. Finally we gave in, acknowledging the bands roots in both 'Hard Driven' and 'One Bullit Barney'.  And we’ve been asked about it ever since.  Go figure, eh?


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